Introduction to Pocket Pro Helmets

This site is about professional pocket pro helmets. It includes helmets from the NFL, CFL, USFL, XFL, and WFL. It does not address collegiate pocket pro helmets.

Pocket Pro helmets are manufactured as collectables by Riddell. They were inspired by the original mini-helmets one could purchase from gumball machines in the 1960s.

To my knowledge, Riddell first manufactured pocket pro helmets in 1997. These were different from the mini-helmets of the 1970s and 80s, which were made of thinner plastic. The pocket pro helmets were much more realistic. Another difference is that the helmet decals for pocket pros are painted on, as opposed to stickers.

Riddell has manufactured contemporary helmets pretty much every year since 1997. If a team’s helmet needed updating, Riddell manufactured it. Contemporary helmets have been manufactured in three styles: traditional-style, revolution-style, and speed-style.

Riddell also manufactured throwback helmets. These were manufactured in the traditional-style (in the Throwback Series 1, Throwback Series 2, and AFL 50th Anniversary sets) and two-bar-style (NFL 1969, AFL 1969, and Throwback 2-bar sets).

Individual collectors have made custom helmets by painting over or applying decals or stickers to pocket pros.

Contemporary Helmets

Riddell manufactured three types of contemporary helmets. These helmets reflected a team’s current helmet logo.

  1. Traditional (these are also sometimes called Throwback). Manufactured from around 1997 through about 2005. These helmets had a “R” underneath one ear-hole and generally a date stamp inside.
  2. Revolution. Manufactured between about 2005 and 2016.
  3. Speed. Manufactured starting around 2016. These helmets have a date stamp inside.

Throwback Traditional Style

Riddell manufactured a 36-piece (series 1), a 40-piece (series 2) Throwback set, and a 9-piece AFL 50th Anniversary Throwback set. These helmets were manufactured in the traditional style.

What does the “R” mean? I am not sure why some pocket pro helmets have an “R” under the earhole and others do not. I think it has to do with the timing of the manufacture. Earlier helmets have an “R,” but later ones do not.

Throwback Two-bar

Riddell manufactured a 16-piece 1969 NFL Two-bar Throwback, 12-piece 1969 AFC Two-bar Throwback, and 36-piece Two-bar set. These helmets had the same round earhole as the original. The helmets also have a slightly different shape.

There is some overlap between the 1969 Two-bar helmets and the two-bar helmets from the 36-piece set. What makes them distinct is the Riddell label on the back. The 1969 helmets have “RIDDELL” printed in all caps.. The two-bar helmets from the 36-piece set have “RIDDell (ell in cursive)” printed on the back.

Custom Pocket Pro Helmets

Custom pocket pro helmets are made by individuals, not by Riddell. As the Teams Checklist shows, Riddell has not manufactured helmets for all the teams’ eras. Gaps can be filled by custom-made helmets. These helmets are usually made by modifying old pocket pro helmets.

Many of these helmets have excellent craftsmanship. I ordered the Oilers, Saints, and Chargers helmets below on eBay. They are really nice. 

Other helmets are modified by just changing the facemask color. I ordered a Colts throwback helmet like the one pictured below. Someone just removed the blue facemask and replaced it with a white one. I know it’s the same helmet because of the time stamp on the inside.


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