The original Buccaneers logo helmet is included in the Throwback Series 1, Throwback Series 2, and Throwback 2-bar sets. Some Throwback Series 2 helmets did not have an “R” by the earhole (as pictured). I’ve seen variations of yellow and orange for the facemask. I can’t give a definitive answer in terms of what the Bucs actually wore.


The new Tampa Bay design was manufactured for the original, chrome and Revolution sets.


The 2014-present is basically the same helmet with a larger flag, slightly different design, and grey facemask.

Super Bowl 37 Pocket Pro


  • 1976-96: White helmet, red/orange stripes, Buccaneer logo, orange facemask
    • Throwback Series 1/Throwback Series 2
    • Throwback 2-bar
  • 1997-2013: Brown helmet, classic flag, brown facemask
    • Original (97, 99, 03)
    • Revolution
    • Chrome
  • 2014-present: Brown helmet, large flag, silver facemask
    • Speed
  • Buccaneers Super Bowl 37 (revolution style)
  • Buccaneers Super Bowl 37 chrome (original style)