49ers Logos

Leather Helmets

See checklist at the end of the page for a list of leather helmets.


The 49ers had seven different style helmets between 1951 and 1961. Riddell did not manufacture pocket pro helmes for any of these styles, although custom versions exist (see the photos of two below). The helmet styles were:

  • 1951-52Plain silver helmet, leather facemask
  • 1951Plain red helmet, leather facemask
  • 1953Plain red helmet, silver stripe, various facemasks
  • 1956Plain white helmet, grey facemask
  • 1957-58Plain gold helmet, grey facemask
  • 1959Plain silver helmet, grey facemask

1960-63 – Silver Helmets

  • 1960-61: Plain silver, no logo, red stripes. Available as a custom only.
  • 1962-63: Silver helmet, red-white-red stripes, 1962-88 logo. In the Throwback 2-bar and Throwback Series 1 sets.


This helmet style appeared in the Throwback Series 2 and Throwback NFL 1969 2-bar sets. This style is different from later styles in that the “SF” has no black outline and the interior circle is full red.


This style was made available as an extra with the 1999 Traditional Pocket Pro NFC West division set. The only difference between this helmet and the previous one (1964-88) is that the “SF” is now outlined in black.


The 1996-2008 helmet was available in traditional, chrome and revolution formats. Three changes were made to the 1996-2008 helmet:

  1. New stripe: red stripe with black border
  2. New facemask: from grey to red.
  3. SF logo ciricle now partly red, as opposed to filled in.


In 2009, the 49ers helmet stripes were changed to a white stripe with red borders and a grey facemask. This helmet is available in the revolution and speed sets.

Super Bowl Helmets

Interestingly, all the super bowl helmets display the 1989-95 logo. So, some of the super bowl helmets are errors:

  • Super bowls 16, 19, & 23 should display the 1964-88 logo
  • Super bowls 24 & 25 correctly display the 1989-95 logo


Leather San Francisco Helmets
These helmets were not officially made by Riddell. They only exist as custom helmets.

  • 1946-47: Leather six strap, white
  • 1947: Leather four strap, tan, red stripe
  • 1948-49: Leather four strap, sliver, red stripe
  • 1950: Leather standard, silver
  • 1950: Leather standard, red