The first Bills helmet was a plain silver helmet with player numbers. No official pocket pro was manufactured by Riddell (the photo below is a custom).

1974-83 Bills Helmets

The 1974 Bills helmet introduced the blue charging bison with the red stripe. The Bills wore three versions of this helmet during this era. This helmet has been worn at various times in later years as a throwback. The changes to the 1982 helmet were so minor, I tend to consider it a continuation of the 1976-81 helmet.


  • 1984-86: Red helmet, white/red/blue/red/white stripes, blue facemask – Throwback Series 2
  • 1987-2001: Red helmet, white/red/blue/red/white stripes, white facemask – Original sets, Chrome
  • 1994 alternate: Red helmet, plain white bison, white/red/blue/red/white stripes, white facemask – custom only


In 2002, Buffalo added grey stripes to the helmet, the only update. This helmet is available in the Original (03) and Revolution sets.


In 2011, the Bills returned to the white helmet. This helmet is very similar to the 70’s helmet. The main difference is the striping pattern. This helmet style is in the Speed and Revolution sets. In 2019, the Bills wore an alternate version of the helmet with a white facemask.

Custom Bills Pocket Pro Helmets

Pocket Pro Helmet Checklist

  • 1962-64White helmet, plain red bison, plain red stripe
    • Throwback Series 1 (original style)
    • Throwback 2-bar
  • 1965-73 (2005-10, 12-18 as throwbacks): White helmet, plain red bison, red/blue stripes
    • Throwback AFL 50th Anniversary (original style)
    • Throwback AFC 1969 2-bar
  • 1984-86Red helmet, blue facemask, red/white/blue stripes
    • Throwback Series 2 (original style)
  • 1987-2001Red helmet, white facemask, red/white/blue stripes
    • Original (97, 99)
    • Chrome (original style)
  • 2002-10Red helmet, white facemask, red/white/blue/silver stripes
    • Original (03)
    • Revolution
    • Chrome (original style)
  • 2011-presentWhite helmet, grey facemask
    • Revolution
    • Speed

Other Buffalo Bills Helmets
These pocket pro helmets were not officially made by Riddell. They only exist as custom helmets.

  • 1960-61: Silver helmet, blue player numbers, no stripe, grey facemask 
  • 1962-65 (pre-season)Plain white helmet, grey facemask
  • 1962 (pre-season): Plain white helmet, blue stripe, grey facemask
  • 1974-75: White helmet, blue bill with red stripe, grey facemask
  • 1976-83: White helmet, blue bill with red stripe, blue facemask 
  • 1994Red helmet, plain white buffalo, red/white/blue stripes. Worn for one game as a throwback