1976-82 and 1983-2001

The Seahawks wore this style helmet for 25 years. In 1983, the facemask was changed from grey to blue. The helmet with the grey facemask is in the Throwback Series 1, Throwback Series 2, and Throwback 2-bar sets. The helmet with the blue facemask is only available in the Original (97, 99) set.


The more modern Seahawks helmet was revealed in 2002. It’s in the original (03), chrome, and revolution sets.


The 2012 helmet had some design modifications, including a new top helmet striping and a decal that wraps around the entire helmet. It’s in the revolution and speed sets.


  • 1976-82: Silver helmet, classic Seahawk, grey facemask
    • Throwback Series 1
    • Throwback 2-bar
  • 1983-2001: Silver helmet, classic Seahawk, blue facemask
    • Original (97, 99) / Throwback Series 2
    • Chrome (original style)
  • 2002-11: Teal helmet, modern Seahawk, teal facemask
    • Chrome (original style)
    • Original (03)
    • Revolution
  • 2012-present: Teal helmet, tapered blue stripe, modern Seahawk connected in back, teal facemask
    • Revolution
    • Speed