Leather Helmets

  • 1920-21: Brown, 6 strap
  • 1922-30: Dark brown, 6 strap
  • 1931-33: Navy/orange, wing front
  • 1933, 35, 38-49: Navy, wing front
  • 1934: White, wing front
  • 1934: Navy/orange, wing front
  • 1936-37, 2019-21 throwback: Navy, orange straps, 3 strap

The Bears wore the throwback on the left starting in 2019.


Between 1950-61, the Bears donned three helmet styles. Riddell did not manufacture helmets in these styles. The photos below are custom helmets.

  1. 1950-59: Plain navy blue helmet with grey facemask.
  2. 1950-59: Plain navy blue helmet with navy blue facemask.
  3. 1960-62: Plain blue navy blue helmet with white facemask.


  1. 1963-69: Plain blue navy blue helmet with white wishbone “C” and white facemask. Riddell did not make a factory version of this helmet. The one pictured below is a custom.
  2. 1970-73: Plain blue navy blue helmet with white wishbone “C” and grey facemask. These helmets are in the Throwback Series 1, Throwback NFC 1969 2-bar, and Throwback 2-bar sets.

1974-82 and 1983-present

In 1974, the Bears switched to an orange wishbone “C.” The facemask remained grey in color. This style helmet can only be found in the Throwback Series 2 set.

In 1982, the Bears changed to a navy blue facemask. In 2004, the Bears wore this version of the helmet with a white “C” as a “throwback” on Thanksgiving Day in 2004, even though the Bears had never worn this style before. Previous helmets with the white “C” had a grey or white facemask.

Bears 4-piece Team Set

Super Bowl Helmets

Pocket Helmet Checklist

Chicago Bears Leather Helmets
These pocket helmets were not officially made by Riddell. They only exist as custom helmets.

  • 1919-30: Brown leather helmet
  • 1931-33: Navy blue leather helmet, orange wings & stripes
  • 1933-34, 36: Plain navy blue leather helmet
  • 1934: Plain white leather helmet
  • 1934: Orange/navy blue leather helmet with blue/orange top
  • 1936-37, 2019 (Throwback): Navy blue leather helmet with orange stripes
  • 1937-38: Plain orange leather helmet
  • 1939-50: Plain navy blue leather helmet