The Saints logo is a fleur de lis, or a stylized lilly flower. The Saints have used two versions of the logo throughout the years. The first (1967-99) was black with a white outline. The logo was updated in 2000 and is more modern with a bold black outline.

1967-75 and 1976-99

The first Saints helmet had a grey facemask. It’s in the Throwback Series 1, Throwback 2-bar, and Throwback NFC 1969 2-bar sets. In 1976, the Saints changed the facemask from grey to black. This style is only available in the traditional pocket pro style.

The 1969 2-bar throwback helmet has the Riddell logo in all caps (RIDDELL). The regular Throwback 2-bar helmet has some cursive font (RIDDell). See the Throwback NFC 1969 site for more information.

1968 and 1969 preseason

The Saints switched the sequence of the stripes from white bordered by black to black bordered by white for 12 games in 1968 only. This helmet is available in the Throwback Series 2 set only.

The Saints wore a black helmet in the 1969 pre-season. Riddell did not manufacture a pocket pro for this helmet. I purchased the black pre-season helmet from High Country Collectables (eBay store) out of West Virginia. The craftsmanship of the helmet is very good.


The Saints updated the fleur de lis in 2000. This helmet is in the Traditional, Revolution, and Speed styles.

Saints Super Bowl Pocket Pro