Pro Bowl Helmets

Between 1950 and 1977, unique helmets were worn at the Pro Bowl. Riddell has made three factory helmets for the Pro Bowl.



These helmets were worn in the 1966 through 1968 Pro Bowls. The red-white striped helmets were worn by the Eastern Conference and blue-striped by the Western Conference. These helmets were included in the Throwback Series 2 set.

In 1969, the NFL added a “50” to the NFL shield logo to commemorate the NFL’s 50th anniversary. Riddell made a helmet for the Eastern conference, but not for the Western conference. The Eastern Conference helmet is in the Throwback 1969 AFC 2-bar helmet set. The Western conference helmet below is a custom (blue stripes).

1970-72, 74, 77



1976 – The National helmet is the same 1970-72, 74, 77 styles. The American helmet is also identical, just with reversed stripe colors.