The 1960 Patriots helmet logo was a revolutionary war hat. The pocket pro displays the pre-season helmet only. The regular season helmet had player number decals under the revolutionary war hat. The pocket pros, however, do not.

This style is in the Throwback Series 1 and Throwback 2-bar sets. The helmet with the numbers is a custom helmet.


This is the first helmet with the Patriot Pat logo. This helmet has two red stripes and is in the Throwback Series 2 and Throwback AFC 1969 2-bar sets.

The 1961-63 helmet might have displayed a different Patriot Pat decal than appears on the pocket pro helmets, as shown below. The Throwback Series 2 and Throwback AFC 1969 2-bar pocket pro helmets display the Patriot Pat used between 1964-1992.


In 1964, a a thin blue stripe was added between the red stripes. The Patriot Pat might have been updated to a new Pat. Three different facemask colors were worn during this era:

  1. 1964-81, grey facemask: bonus in the AFC East Division set in 1999 and Throwback AFL 50th Anniversary sets.
  2. 1982-91, white facemask: no official pocket pro helmet.
  3. 1991-92, red facemask: 4-piece team throwback sets released around 2001.

Patriots 1993-present Patriot Pat

Between 1992 and 1999, the modern Patriot Pat was a royal blue color. Ever since 2000, the Patriot Pat has been a dark blue color.


New England rolled out the current silver helmet in 1993. This helmet had a grey facemask in 1993, but switched to a red facemask in 1994. The patriot logo on this helmet is almost a royal blue color. An official pocket pro for this helmet was not made. However, it can easily be made by taking the 1994-99 original style helmet red facemask and replacing it with a grey one.


This helmet is the same as the 1993 helmet, but with a red facemask. It’s available in the first original sets (1997 through 1999). This helmet is available only in the original style.


The Patriots helmet stayed the same, with one exception. The Patriot logo changed from the royal blue color to a darker blue. The current helmet style has a red facemask and pocket pros in the original, revolution, and speed styles.

Patriots Super Bowl Pocket Pro Helmets

Patriots Custom Prototype Pocket Pro


Other New England Patriots Helmets
These pocket pro helmets were not officially made by Riddell. They only exist as custom helmets.

  • 1961-64 (pre-season): White helmet, two red stripes, grey facemask
  • 1982-90: White helmet, Pat Patriot logo, red/white/blue stripes, white facemask
  • 1993: Silver helmet, modern royal blue Patriots logo, grey facemask