1936-49: Rams Helmets

1936-48 Leather Helmets

  • 1936-37 (Cleveland) – Red leather helmet
  • 1938 (Cleveland) – Dark blue leather helmet
  • 1939-40 (Cleveland) – Tan leather helmet
  • 1941 (Cleveland) – Navy blue leather helmet
  • 1942, 44-46 (Cleveland) – Yellow leather helmet
  • 1947 (L.A.) – Navy blue leather helmet


The 1948 helmet was actually a leather helmet, making it the only leather helmet manufactured as a pocket pro. It’s in the Throwback Series 1 and Throwback 2-bar sets.

The Rams used the same helmet in 1949. This helmet was red, however.


Between 1950 and 1999, the Rams wore three helmet styles.

  1. 1950-63/1973-80: This blue helmet, with yellow horns and a grey facemask, was not manufactured as a pocket pro. The photo on the left is a custom.
  2. 1964-72: The horns were switched from yellow to white for this helmet. This pocket pro is in the Throwback Series 2 and Throwback NFC 1969 2-bar sets.
  3. 1981-1999: The Rams replaced the grey facemask with a blue one in 1981. Otherwise, the helmet stayed the same. This helmet is in the traditional set.


The Rams changed the color of the yellow horns to gold in 2000. This helmet is in the traditional, revolution and speed styles.


The most current helmet design is in the speed style.


Rams Super Bowl Pocket Pro Helmets

Pocket Pro Helmet Checklist

Leather Los Angeles Rams Helmets
These pocket helmets were not officially made by Riddell. They only exist as custom helmets.

  • 1937: Leather six strap, Red
  • 1938: Leather wing front, millennium blue
  • 1939-40: Leather wing front, tan
  • 1941-45: Leather wing front, yellow
  • 1946: Leather six strap, yellow
  • 1947: Leather six strap, millennium blue
  • 1948: Leather six strap, millennium blue, yellow horns