Two Panther Logos


The first Panthers decal is in the original, revolution, throwback series 1, throwback series 2, and throwback 2-bar sets. The throwback series 1 and 2 helmets are identical to the helmet in the original style sets (with the exception of minor details, like interior padding or an “R” under the earhole)


The 2012-present helmet is in the revolution and speed sets.


  • 1995-2011Silver helmet, original Panther logo
    • Original (97, 99, 03) / Throwback Series 1 (original style) / Throwback Series 2 (original style)
    • Revolution
    • Chrome (original style)
    • Throwback 2-bar
  • 2012-presentSilver helmet, modern Panther logo
    • Revolution
    • Speed