The Arizona/Chicago/St. Louis cardinals helmets may look the same over the years, but there are are subtle differences. The 1961-87 helmet Cardinal has no outline. The 1988-04 Cardinal has a black outline. In 2005, the Carindal was updated with a more modern look.

1918-51: Leather Helmets

  • 1918-24 – Brown leather helmet
  • 1929-32 – Red leather helmet
  • 1933-34 – Burgundy-brown leather helmet
  • 1935-36 – Red leather helmet, small white markings
  • 1937-51 – Plain white leather helmet
  • 1940 – Burgundy-brown leather helmet, brown wings, white top


  • 1952-59 -Plain white helmet
  • 1952-53, 55-56 – Plain cardinal red helmet


This helmet is in the Throwback Series 1, Series 2, NFC 1969 2-bar, and Throwback 2-bar sets. What distinguishes the helmet from this era is the lack of a black outline around the cardinal.

The 1969 2-bar throwback helmet has the Riddell logo in all caps (RIDDELL). The regular Throwback 2-bar helmet has some cursive font (RIDDell). See the Throwback NFC 1969 site for more information. Some Throwback Series 2 helmets do not have an “R” next to the earhole.


In 1988, the Cardinals added a black outline around the bird. This 1988-2004 style helmet was included in the original and chrome sets.


In 2005, the Cardinals updated the cardinal for a more modern look. The 2005-present style helmet was included in the speed and revolution sets.

Custom Cardinals Helmets

Pocket Pro Helmet Checklist

  • 1960-87 (St. Louis Cardinals)Plain white helmet, traditional cardinal logo with no black outline
    • Throwback Series 1 (original style)/Throwback Series 2 (original style)
    • Throwback NFC 1969 2-bar
    • Throwback 2-bar
  • 1988-2004: Plain white helmet, traditional cardinal logo with black outline
    • Original (97, 99, 03)
    • Chrome (original style)
  • 2005-present:Plain white helmet, modern cardinal logo
    • Revolution
    • Speed

Other Arizona Cardinals Helmets

These pocket pro helmets were not officially made by Riddell. They only exist as custom helmets.