Raiders Logo History

The Raiders have worn four different logos over the years:

  1. 1963 – silver shield, black helmet
  2. 1964-96 – black shield, silver helmet with glares
  3. 1997-present – black shield, silver helmet with no glares
  4. 1994 and 2009 throwbacks – white shield, black helmet (different from 1963 Raider with the black helmet)
Image from Bill’s Sports Maps


The Raiders 1960-1 helmet was plain black. The 1962 helmet added a gold stripe. There are no official pocket pro helmets for this style. The two helmets below are custom.


The raiders wore a silver helmet with silver shield in 1963. This helmet is in the Throwback AFL 50th Anniversary set. Also notice how the raider has a plain black helmet.


In 1964 the Raiders changed the shield from silver to black. Note the glares on the Raider helmet. This helmet is in the Throwback AFC 1969 2-bar, original, and chrome sets.

Interestingly, even though the Raiders removed the glare from the helmet in 1996, all traditional/original style helmets continued to display the 1964-96 Raider logo. This was not changed until the Revolution style helmet in 2005.

The chrome Raider is different from the others. I am not sure how that happened and I cannot locate a similar looking Raider. Perhaps the nature of chrome helmets means a more abstract Raider face.


In 1997, the Raiders removed the glares from the Raider’s helmet. This helmet is in the revolution and speed sets.

1994, 2009 Throwbacks

The 1994 and 2009 Throwback helmets have a white shield, in contrast to the silver shield in the 1963 Raiders helmet. Note how the black helmet has returned, albeit in a different format and logo. These are in the Throwback Series 1, Throwback Series 2, and Throwback 2-bar sets (see photos below).

Raiders Super Bowl Helmets


Other Oakland Raiders Helmets
These pocket pro helmets were not officially made by Riddell. They only exist as custom helmets.

  • 1960-61: Plain black helmet
  • 1962: Plain black helmet, gold stripe


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