Throwback 2-bar

Every Factory Riddell 2-bar Pocket Pro Helmet

Two-bar Sets

Riddell manufactured three 2-bar helmet sets. Riddell manufactured 67 unique 2-bar style helmets (77 if you include the super bowl helmets).

Scroll down for more about these sets and checklists. The helmets come from the following sets:

  1. AFC 1969 Throwback 2-bar set – 12 pieces
  2. NFC 1969 Throwback 2-bar set – 16 pieces
  3. Throwback 2-bar set (multiple years) – 36 pieces
  4. 10 super bowl 2-bar style helmets (super bowls 1-10) – 10 pieces
  5. Miscellaneous 2-bar style helmets – 3 pieces (Eagles, Monsters of Midway, & Hall of Fame)

Two-bar Style Throwback Helmets

The two-bar helmet is similar to the traditional style helmet. The shape is slightly different. The facemask is also obviously different (see the pictures below):

All of the 2-bar style helmets have a Riddell logo on the back. The logos are different for the 1969 AFC and NFC Throwback sets and the 36-piece 2-bar Throwback set.

Throwback 1969 AFC 2-bar Set (12 pieces)

Note: The Patriots helmet in the photo below is in error. It’s a custom I purchased online. The photo should display the 1964-81 helmet (with a blue stripe). This will be corrected in future photos.

Four* helmet styles can only be found in this set:

*LA/San Diego Chargers 1961-65/67-73. Technically, this helmet appears in two other sets (see the checklist). However, this is the only helmet with the player number on the helmet.

AFC 1969 Checklist

Throwback 1969 NFC 2-bar Set (16 pieces)

Versions of all the helmets in this set can be found in other sets. However, the Eagles helmet is only duplicated in the rare 4-piece Throwback team set (as a two-bar).

Interestingly, there are two versions of the 1969 Falcons helmets, one in all caps like all the other 1969 throwback helmets (RIDDELL) and the other with the cursive font (RIDDell). To my knowledge, the Falcons helmet is the only two helmets that display both versions of the font.

The Washington helmet is the only helmet style in this set that is unique, or can only be found in this set.

NFC 1969 Checklist

Throwback 2-bar Helmet Set (36 pieces)

The 1965 Broncos helmet (with the white Bronco) is the only helmet style in this set that is unique, or can only be found in this set.

36-piece Checklist

Super Bowl 2-bar Helmets

See super bowl site for more information.

Miscellaneous 2-bar Helmets

The 1949 Philadelphia Eagles helmet is one of the rarest factory 2-bar helmets. It’s one of two official pocket pro helmets Riddell manufactured for leather helmets (the other being the 1948 Rams pocket pro). The Eagles wore this style as a leather helmet between 1942 and 1948 and as a regular shell helmet in 1949,.

This helmet is also unique for the Riddell mark on the back. Whereas the 1969 2-bar helmets font was “RIDDELL” and the 2-bar throwback font was “RIDDell,” the font on the 1949 Eagles helmet is all cursive.

The Chicago Bears 4-piece team set included two unique 2-bar pocket pros, one with the Monsters of Midway logo and the other with the hall of fame logo. Both helmets have the “RIDDell” font associated with the 2-bar throwback set.

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