Miscellaneous Helmets

Helmets on this page include the following. Scroll down to see more.

  • Hall of Fame pocket pro helmets (3)
  • Riddell 75th anniversary pocket pro helmet (1)
  • Shield pocket pro helmets (13)
  • Lambeau field pocket pro helmet (1)
  • 2005 Pro Bowl pocket pro helmet (1)
  • Madden EA Challenge/NFL Shield pocket pro helmet (1)
  • Sprint pocket pro helmet (1)
  • Coke/Diet Coke/Spring pocket pro helmets (3)
  • Collect Revolution pocket pro helmet (1)
  • NFL Shield Revolution helmet (1)
  • Antenna Gear pocket pro helmets
  • Dasher pocket pro helmets
  • Helmet of Players pocket pro helmets
  • Probot pocket pro helmets

Hall of Fame

  1. Original – from Redskins Super Bowl 4-piece team set
  2. Two-bar – from Bears Super Bowl 4-piece team set
  3. Revolution – sold individually

Riddell 75th Anniversary Helmet

I’ve seen this helmet included in the Big East original style set. It may have been sold individually also.

Shield Helmets

Riddell manufactured special helmets that were only included in sets. The following photos show these helmets.

Throwback Series 1Site

Throwback Series 2 – Site (the Throwback Series 2 set also included the three white helmets from the Throwback Series 1 set)

AFC 1969 2-bar – Site

36-piece 2-bar – Site

AFC 50th Anniversary – Site

Lambeau Field

Available in the Packers Super Bowl 4-piece team set.

2005 Pro Bowl Helmet

EA Madden Challenge

Sprint Pocket Pro

Soda Pocket Pro Helmets – Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Diet Coke

Revolution Logo Helmets

Antenna Gear

Dasher Pocket Pro Helmets

Helmet of Players