The Dallas Cowboys have worn four different helmets in their existence. The first one was the white helmet with the plain blue star. It was available as a bonus helmet with the NFC East Original 1999 Throwback, Throwback Series 1, and Throwback Series 2 sets.


In 1964, Dallas switched to the silver helmet with the blue star. It looks identical to today’s Cowboys helmet. The blue star on this helmet, however, only has a white border. After 1966, the star would have a blue and a white border. This helmet is only available in the Cowboys Throwback division set from around 2003.


In 1967, Dallas switched to the helmet they wear today. The 1976 helmet was unique to that year. It had a red stripe added to the already blue and white stripes in commemoration of the U.S. Bicentennial. This helmet is only available in the Throwback Series 2 set.


These helmets are available in the Original, Revolution, Speed, and Throwback NFC 1969 2-bar sets.

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