The History of the Dolphin Logo

The Dolphins have had largely the same helmet design for over 50 years. Five different dolphins have appeared on Miami helmets:

Logos from Chris Creamer’s NFL Logo website. See also A Dolphin Takes Flight, Miami Herald

1966, 1969-73 (Dolphin #1)

The dolphins first wore the helmet with Dolphin #1 in 1966. The Dolphins brought back the helmet in 1969 and wore it through 1973. It’s in the Throwback Series 1 and Throwback 2-bar sets.

The Dolphins wore the helmet with the dolphin inside the ring (Dolphin #1) in 1994 and 2014-present as a throwback. However, the 1994 throwback had an aqua facemask. The helmet with no logo was a pre-season helmet the Dolphins wore between 1967 and 1971.

1966-68, 1974-89 (Dolphin #2)

Between 1966 and 1973, the Dolphins often interchangably wore Dolphin #1 and #2. Sometimes, players would wear the different helmets in the same game. In 1969, however, the Dolphins only wore Dolphin #1. So, the 1969 pocket pro helmet should display dolphin #1. That, however, is not the case.


In 1990, the Dolphins introduced a new Dolphin helmet with a more svelte and darker-blue dolphin (dolphin #3). Riddell did not manufacture a pocket pro for this helmet. It’s only available as a custom.

The Dolphins wore this helmet as a throwback at their 2003 Thanksgiving game. However, that helmet had a grey facemask.


In 1990, the Dolphins introduced a sleeker, more modern and aggressive look (dolphin #4). The 1997-12 helmet added a dark blue stripe to the configuration. This helmet is included in the chrome, traditional and revolution sets.

2013-17 and 2018-present

2013 saw the introduction of an even newer and more modern dolphin (dolphin #5). Other changes include the white facemask and striping pattern (aqua, orange, and navy blue). This helmet is available in the revolution and speed sets.

In 2018, the Dolphins brightened up the sunbeam and removed the thin black line from the stripes. This helmet is in the speed set.

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Miami Dolphins Checklist

  • 1966, 69-73, 2015-present throwback: White helmet, dolphin #1 inside ring, aqua-white-orange-white-aqua stripes, grey facemask
  • 1966-68, 1974-79: White helmet, dolphin #2, aqua-white-orange-white-aqua stripes, grey facemask
  • 1967-71 (pre-season): White helmet, aqua/white/orange stripes, no dolphin logo, grey facemask
    • No factory pocket helmet
  • 1980-89: White helmet, dolphin #2, aqua-white-orange-white-aqua stripes, aqua facemask. This is helmet is the same style as the 1966-68/1974-79 helmet. It just has a different facemask.
    • No factory pocket helmet
  • 1990-96White helmet, aqua/white/orange stripes, dolphin #3, aqua facemask
    • No factory pocket helmet
  • 1994 throwbackWhite helmet, dolphin #1 inside ring, aqua-white-orange-white-aqua stripes, aqua facemask. This is helmet is the same style as the 1966/1969-73 helmet. It just has a different facemask color.
    • No factory pocket helmet
  • 1997-2012: White helmet, dolphin #4, aqua-blue-white-orange-white-blue aqua stripes, aqua facemask
  • 2003 throwback: White helmet, dolphin #3, aqua-white-orange-white-aqua stripes, grey facemask. This helmet is the same as the 1990-96 helmet. Interestingly, the helmet has a grey facemask. The dolphins actually wore a aqua facemask between 1990-96.
    • No factory pocket helmet
  • 2013-17: White helmet, dolphin #5, orange-blue-aqua-blue-orange stripes, white facemask
  • 2018: White helmet, orange-aqua-orange stripes, dolphin #5, white facemask
  • Super Bowl:
    • Dolphins Super Bowl 7 (2-bar style)
    • Dolphins Super Bowl 8 (2-bar style)
    • Dolphins Super Bowl 7 Chrome
    • Dolphins Super Bowl 8 Chrome