Riddell began production on the Revolution style helmet around 2005. I choose this date because the first Revolution set includes the new 2005 Cardinals helmet. I believe Riddell made these helmets in two waves. One had a red packaging and the other packaging was black. I don’t know about the specific years in which the Revolution style pocket pro helmets were manufactured, so I will refer to the sets by color. Revolution style helmets are lighter and made of thinner material than the original pocket pros.

See Checklist at the end of this page.

First Revolution Set “Red”

The first revolution sets had the same red packaging as the original pocket pro helmets.  I think these were manufactured around 2006.

“Red” Revolution Set Teams: Atlanta Falcons 2003-present, Arizona Cardinals 2005-present, Baltimore Ravens 1999-present, Buffalo Bills 2002-10, Carolina Panthers 1995-2011, Chicago Bears 1983-present, Cincinnati Bengals 1981-present, Cleveland Browns 2006-14, Dallas Cowboys 1967-present, Denver Broncos 1997-present, Detroit Lions 2003-08, Green Bay Packers 1980-present, Houston Texans 2002-present, Indianapolis Colts 2004-present, Jacksonville Jaguars 1995-2008, Kansas City Chiefs 1974-present, LA/St. Louis Rams 2000-16, LA/SD Chargers 2007-present, Miami Dolphins 1997-2012, Minnesota Vikings 2006-present, New England Patriots 1994-present, New Orleans Saints 2000-present, New York Giants 2000-present, New York Jets 1998-present, Oakland Raiders 1964-present, Philadelphia Eagles 1996-present, Pittsburgh Steelers 1977-present, San Francisco 49ers 1996-2008, Seattle Seahawks 2002-11, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1997-2013, Tennessee Titans 1999-2017, Washington Redskins 1978-present

First Revolution Set “Black”

The ‘black’ wave of Revolution style helmets may have been manufactured by at least 2009 or 2010 because they include the new 2009 Lions and 49ers helmets.

“Black” Revolution Set Teams: The helmets were the same as the red set, with the following exceptions: Buffalo Bills 2011-present, Carolina Panthers 2012-present, Detroit Lions 2009-16, Jacksonville Jaguars 2013-17, Miami Dolphins, 2013-17, Minnesota Vikings 2013-present, SF 49ers 2009-present, Seattle Seahawks 2012-present.

Other Revolution Helmets Not in the Sets (but sold individually)

  • Cleveland Browns 1975-2005
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 1962 Throwback


  • Atlanta Falcons 2003-present Black helmet, modern falcons logo
  • Arizona Cardinals 2005-present – Plain white helmet, modern cardinal logo
  • Baltimore Ravens 1999-present Black helmet, raven logo. Some logos have a gold outline and others have a silver outline
  • Buffalo Bills 2002-10Red helmet, white facemask, red/white/blue/silver stripes
  • Buffalo Bills 2011-presentWhite helmet, grey facemask
  • Carolina Panthers 1995-2011 Silver helmet, original Panther logo
  • Carolina Panthers 2011-present Silver helmet, modern Panther logo
  • Chicago Bears 1983-presentNavy blue helmet, wishbone “C” logo, navy blue facemask
  • Cincinnati Bengals 2012-present Orange pattern helmet, black facemask. Some of these helmets have different striping patterns
  • Cleveland Browns 1975-2005Orange helmet, white/brown stripes, white facemask
  • Cleveland Browns 2006-14 Orange helmet, white/brown stripes, grey facemask (same style as 1961-74)
  • Cleveland Browns 2015-present Orange helmet, white/brown stripes, black facemask
  • Dallas Cowboys 1967-presentSilver helmet, blue star with blue and white outline, white/blue stripes
  • Denver Broncos 1997-present Midnight blue helmet, modern bronco logo, orange stripes
  • Detroit Lions 2003-08Silver helmet, blue Lion with white/black outline, black facemask, blue/white/black stripes
  • Detroit Lions 2009-16Silver helmet, modern blue Lion with white/black outline, black facemask, blue/white/black stripes
  • Green Bay Packers 1980-present Yellow helmet with “G” decal, green/white stripes, green facemask
  • Houston Texans 2002-presentMidnight blue helmet with Texans logo
  • Indianapolis Colts 2004-present White helmet, blue stripe, blue horsehose logo, grey facemask 
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 2013-17Fade black/gold helmet, modern jaguar logo
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 2018-present Black helmet, modern jaguar logo
  • Kansas City Chiefs 1974-2011Red helmet, KC logo, white facemask
  • LA/St. Louis Rams 2000-16Blue helmet, gold horns, blue facemask  
  • LA/San Diego Chargers 1988-06Blue helmet, white bolt with blue and yellow outline, blue facemask
  • LA/San Diego Chargers 2007-18White helmet, yellow bolt with light blue and dark blue outline, blue facemask
  • Miami Dolphins 1999-2012White helmet, aqua/white/orange/blue stripes, dolphin #4, aqua facemask
  • Miami Dolphins 2013-17 White helmet, aqua/white/orange/blue stripes, dolphin #5, white facemask
  • Minnesota Vikings 2006-12 Purple helmet, modern horn, purple facemask
  • Minnesota Vikings 2013-present – Purple helmet, modern horn, black facemask
  • New England Patriots 2000-presentSilver helmet, modern Patriots logo, red facemask
  • New Orleans Saints 2000-present – Gold helmet, modern fleur de lis logo, black/white stripes, black facemask
  • New York Giants 2000-present Blue helmet, red stripe, NY logo, grey facemask
  • New York Jets 1998-2018White helmet, two green stripes, green Jets logo, green facemask
  • Oakland/LA Raiders: 1996-present – Silver helmet, black shield, Raider with no glares silver helmet and black stripe, grey facemask
  • Philadelphia Eagles 1996-present Green helmet, modern wing, dark green facemask
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 1997-present Black helmet, Steelers logo, black facemask
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 2007-11 throwback (homage to 1962) Plain yellow helmet, black stripe, “Steelers” logo
  • San Francisco 49ers 1996-2008 Gold helmet, red/black stripes, SF logo with black text border in red circle with black and gold border, red facemask
  • San Francisco 49ers 2009-present Gold helmet, red/white stripes, SF logo with black text border in red circle with black and gold border, grey facemask
  • Seattle Seahawks 2002-11 Teal helmet, modern Seahawk, teal facemask
  • Seattle Seahawks 2012-presentTeal helmet, tapered blue stripe, modern Seahawk connected in back, teal facemask
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1997-2013Brown helmet, classic flag, brown facemask
  • Tennessee Titans 1999-2017 White helmet, tapered stripe, T logo
  • Washington Redskins 1978-present Burgundy helmet, chief-logo, white/burgundy/yellow stripes, yellow facemask